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Young Muslim Rhymes

This is a vibrant book by two young homeschooler sisters Haadiyah and Aymun Sajid, who have never attended any school. It is a compilation of poems and illustrations that Aymun and Haadiyah composed (mostly spontaneously) in the age range of 7 - 9 years. The book is accompanied with an Audio CD, where the poems are recited in catchy tunes, with some related Duas, Ayahs and points to ponder.

This is the first HomeWorks children's publication, which not only celebrates the fruits of homeschooling but also provides parents with authentic, quality multimedia Islamic material (gone are the days of secular nursery rhymes!). The book can be used to teach various important Islamic concepts including the importance of Niyyah, the relevance of Hijab, love for our Prophet (s.a.w), our connection to Hereafter and the need for a united Ummah. Each poem calls for action by linking its message to real life.

The presentation of the book and audio is simple yet pleasant and is sure to capture the attention of young minds. It encourages young readers to explore and develop their strengths and become productive for Ummah, just like the young authors!

Published: 1433 AH / 2012 CE, Pakistan

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