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If a child attends conventional school prior to switching to homeschooling, a period of de-schooling is advisable. Maybe just study a couple of subjects like math and language and spend some relaxed time with stories and hobbies to adjust to the change and begin with a fresh mind. You could begin studies with one or two projects and gradually include the rest of the planned homeschooling study material and activities. Study smaller chunks of information and gradually build up to the preferred pace. You could also decide on a date, say two weeks after leaving school, to spend some time to get accustomed to homeschooling and look forward to the big day when you hit the books and build some excitement around it!??

Adapt to Your Situation
There are opportunities to learn wherever you may be. It may sometimes seem that your particular situation doesn’t allow you a variety of learning as perhaps some other family you know of. Do try to make the most of what you have... it way well be something others cannot access! For instance you may live in a city like Karachi and be able to go to museums, factories, beaches, seminars, and workshops. You may live in a village and have a chance to visit farms and fields and do some nature study or hands on learning of science and economics. You could be in foreign land and learn the local culture, language and geography. If in a Muslim minority area, see how the local Muslim community meets and connect with them; it’s a learning experience in itself. Make the most of the learning opportunities Allah gives you. You may find that you can cover some subject areas without any textbooks, and in a much better setting than a classroom.

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