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Planning and goal setting

Before starting the homeschooling journey, some level of planning should ideally be done, specially if you are pulling the children out of school. This gives confidence to the parents while starting the homeschooling journey.

Conduct some research regarding the various approaches to homeschooling, also called methods of homeschooling. There are a lot of choices here:

  • You can go for very relaxed, unplanned, intuitive learning as in unschooling, by just observing your environment and studying all that you see and live in.
  • You can use predefinedcurriculumand textbooks and follow a fixed schedule, as in the traditional method. There are various complete curriculums available and each has a different blend of subjects and focus on a variety of fields of knowledge.
  • You may prefer unit studies or project based study to cover various subjects together, even including different age groups in the same study.
  • You may prefer a computer based learning program and can join online classes.
  • You may wish for a deep study of a few topics until your child’s interest has been satiated, and then move to the next. There are lots of supplementary resources that you can use on the internet, free and paid.
  • You may wish to focus entirely on theQuran, by choosing to memorise it and learn other subjects at slow pace.
  • You may want to learn the Quran and its meaning and guidelines for mankind deeply and try to discover all other meaningful subjects within it.
  • Quite frequently it happens that families choose their own blend of the many methods – the eclectic way of homeschooling.

Whatever you choose, remember you are not bound by it. You can try a method for a week or a few months andimproviseor choose a different setting altogether. Be guided by whatattractedyou to homeschooling… flexible schedules, lots of good literature, religious inclinations, homeschooling groups and families, your child’s proclivities for certain subjects. Give your chosen method a chance; do not feel pressured for time. Take the pressure off your child too! Learning under pressure is quite futile. When an interest is sparked, a mind absorbs information much more readily. Children should not be pushed to learn; instead just direct their attention and provide lots of resources to ratain their interest.

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