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Pakistan Home Education Blog
This blog compiles posts from and about many homeschooling families of Pakistan. Textbooks ideas and other resources are also listed.

Making Memories
Making memories and keeping faith - a family's 10+ years of homeschooling journey, as they manage life and learning between Pakistan and Singapore. Full of valuable advice, book suggestions and online resources.

We live we learn

"Learning is as natural as sleeping, eating, drinking or breathing. As long as we live, we learn. Education is not confined to the walls of a school building. No single person, institution or government can define, what we should know, in order to be happy and have a successful life. Take a journey with us through our blog and see the world through our eyes!" - a Pak-Latvian family homeschooling 3 children in Karachi.

Chronicles of Pirani Family
Homeschooling family in Karachi share their experiences as they lead an eventful life, including Hifz, travelling, sports and socialisation of 7 boys and a girl.

Danielle Ali Shah's Blog
A Pak-Australian family share their experience of switching from school to homeschool and many valuable online resources that they discover. Posts from children as well as their mother make this blog specially interesting and insightful.

Farrukh Hassan's Blog
A homeschooling father running a successful homeschool co-op in Karachi, shares his homeschooling syllabus and other ideas / resources on his blog.

Javeria's Blog
Glimpses from the eyes of a Muslimah - a homeschooling mother of two in Islamabad shares her views and experiences.

Sadaf's Space
An award-winning blog of a passionate Da'ee and writer who homeschools 3 children in Karachi. 

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