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HomeWorks Quarterly
Volume 2 Issue 4
Homeschooling : Where and How to start
Dealing with negative influences
My Parents - My first teachers
Choosing Aakhirah over Dunya
My experince with the Montessori method

Homeschooling : Where and How to start
By Shirin, Umm Musa, Azeem Pirani
Two veteran homeschooling mothers and a father address the big question of 'how to start homeschooling' for the newbies. They discuss the initial steps that need to be taken on academic, spiritual and social fronts to begin this journey, ranging from curriculum choices, setting up a schedule and foc
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Dealing with negative influences
By Muhammad Abid Ali
Parents ask: How can we save our children from negative interactions, lifestyles, media and literature which they inevitably encounter? Here is a comprehensive answer from Br. Abid Ali who has 20 yrs of experience in the field of education and has raised his own children shielding them from the same
My Parents - My first teachers
By Farah Belal
A life centred around da’wah and learning the deen is the ideal environment for homeschooling, as our writer learnt from her illustrious father (Khurram Murad) and accomplished mother, who led by example.
Choosing Aakhirah over Dunya
By Syed Farhan and Uroos Fatima
A unique account of a family where the father decided to homeschool and the mother was finally convinced of the benefits of homeschooling -happily doing it for 2 years now. What were their reasons and how did they find the answers to build confidence in homeschooling and deal with the family?
My experince with the Montessori method
By Asrina Asa'd
Our writer from Singapore shares how she applied Montessori method for homeschooling her 4 children, where to find resources and information and what to do about Montessori manipulatives.

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