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Raising Homemakers
By Saadia Mohammad
HomeworksI truly realised the importance and benefits of home education when my close female relatives started university. The many instances I observed of the harm taking place proved to me the benefits of homeschooling. I thanked Allah (SWT) from the heart that He arranged for me education at home and saved me from the institutional experience.
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Focused and self-reliant
By Rayed Afzal
HomeworksOur first daughter was in preschool when we got this long list of topics and concepts from school that she had to memorise. The bigger surprise came after six months, when we were informed that, thanks to the hard working school staff, Safia has memorised twenty general knowledge questions and answers, names of common animals, fruits and flowers. At that age Safia was hardly able to say her name properly! Most parents send their kids to school and arrange tuition in the afternoons. Some send them to school but help them with homework themselves. Very few opt to do both at home – my wife and I are one of those few.
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Defeating Dyslexia
By Shaheema Shaw
HomeworksAs I approach the arrival of my firstborn, in sha Allah, I often think about how I am going to educate my child. I keep reflecting on my own journey through education, and what a big impact it has had on my outlook. My family has always loved learning and reading, so it came as a big surprise to my mother when, in third grade, I lost interest in reading and began rapidly exhibiting signs of dyslexia.
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Maryam Khansa - Insight beyond her years
By Umm Musa
Homeworks“The children watched anxiously as the elders tried to rescue the chick drowning in Nani Amma’s well. Amazingly, it was saved and the next day, was found flapping its wings energetically. But, Allah’s will was otherwise... A vicious crow swooped down and carried it off.” This is (an abridged) part of a true story in the book, Chooza Kahani. The author, Maryam Khansa, commenting on the sad ending, said, “The time of the chick’s death had arrived and when the time appointed by Allah arrives, none can defer it!” Subhan Allah! Reading the story to my children, I was struck by the then 16-year-old’s faith. Her other books, too, showed a maturity beyond her years. I wanted to know more about her and how she was raised.
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From University of California to Dar-ul-Uloom Karachi
By Muneeb Baig
HomeworksI grew up in Southern California, born to Pakistani parents who moved to the USA in the mid-80’s. I am 25 now. I have two young¬er sisters and one younger brother, all of whom were homeschooled at some point in their lives. My education began at home, with my mother teaching me to read the Quran and English before I joined school. I then attended OrangeCrescent School, a private Islamic school in California un¬til Grade 5. While in school, I started to memorise the Quran. I completed the 30th Juz in the third grade and in the fifth, I decided to continue and hoped to memorise the whole Quran.
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My Parents - My first teachers
By Ferah Belal
HomeworksI was born in 1963 and spent my early childhood in Dacca. I moved to Karachi just before the fall of East Pakistan in 1971. I have three older brothers and a younger brother and sister. My father (late Khurram Murad) had made a commitment with Allah to work for the cause of Islam – this was the only way, he believed, one could be a true Muslim. The whole purpose of education to him was to instil this mindset in us. My mother and her immediate family had the same mission in life.
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Uzairuddin Shaikh - All by himself
By Laila Brence
HomeworksWhen the coolness set in and I took out from storage woolen socks, Uzair added a new game to the endless list of his own invented entertainment. As soon as I was out of sight, Uzair with his sister Hafsa took off the socks, threw them at the ceiling fan,
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Hisham Al Hadi's Freedom
By Hisham Al Hadi
HomeworksSince Montessori, I have been switching schools, trying to find that right one. I went from private schools to Islamic schools, to public schools. After going through thirteen different schools in my sixteen years of life, I realised that maybe schooling wasn’t just right for me. Being young, I had to travel with my parents wherever they went. I wasn’t a deviant child, but rather it was the nature of my parents’ lifestyle, which made me switch schools so frequently. At the end of it all, I saw that time was being wasted, and I could do much more with my life.
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